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Synonyms of escape in English:


  • 1 he escaped from prison
    run away/off, get out, break out, break free, make a break for it, bolt, flee, take flight, make off, take off, abscond, take to one's heels, make one's getaway, make a run for it;
    disappear, vanish, slip away, sneak away
    informal cut and run, skedaddle, vamoose, fly the coop, take French leave, go on the lam
  • 2 he escaped his pursuers
    get away from, escape from, elude, avoid, dodge, shake off
  • 3 they escaped injury
    avoid, evade, dodge, elude, miss, cheat, sidestep, circumvent, steer clear of
    informal duck
  • 4 lethal gas escaped
    leak (out), seep (out), discharge, emanate, issue, flow (out), pour (out), gush (out), spurt (out), spew (out)
  • noun

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  • 1 his escape from prison
    disappearance, vanishing act
  • 2 a narrow escape from death
    avoidance of, evasion of, circumvention of
  • 3 a gas escape
    leak, leakage, spill, seepage, discharge, effusion, emanation, outflow, outpouring;
    gush, stream, spurt
  • 4 an escape from boredom
    distraction, diversion
  • Quote

    The family—that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape.
    Dodie Smith Dear Octopus (1938)

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