Synonyms of even in English:



  • 1 an even surface
    flat, smooth, uniform, featureless; unbroken, undamaged; level, plane
    [Antonyms] bumpy
  • 2 an even temperature
    [Antonyms] variable irregular
  • 3 they all have an even chance
    equal, the same, identical, like, alike, similar, comparable, parallel
    [Antonyms] unequal
  • 4 the score was even
    tied, drawn, level, all square, balanced; neck and neck
    informal even-steven
    [Antonyms] unequal
  • 5 an even disposition
    even-tempered, balanced, stable, equable, placid, calm, composed, poised, cool, relaxed, easy, imperturbable, unexcitable, unruffled, untroubled
    informal together, laid-back, unflappable
    [Antonyms] excitable moody
  • verb

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  • 1 the canal bottom was evened out
    flatten, level (off/out), smooth (off/out), plane; make uniform, make regular
  • 2 even up the portions
    equalize, make equal, balance, square; standardize, regularize, homogenize
  • adverb

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  • 1 it got even colder
    still, yet, more, all the more
  • 2 even the best hitters missed the ball
  • 3 she is afraid, even ashamed, to ask for help
    indeed, you could say, veritably, in truth, actually, or rather
    dated nay
  • 4 she could not even afford food
    not so much as, hardly, barely, scarcely
  • Phrases

    even as

    we laugh even as we empathize with his discomfortwhilewhilstasjust asat the very time thatduring the time that

    even so

    I feel better, but the doubts persist even soneverthelessnonethelessall the samejust the sameanywayanyhowstillyethowevernotwithstandingdespite thatin spite of thatfor all thatbe that as it mayin any eventat any rate informalanyhooanyways

    get even

    Waite thinks he's struck the final blow, but I'll get evenhave one's revengeavenge oneselftake vengeanceeven the scoresettle the scorehit backgive as good as one getspay someone backrepay someonereciprocateretaliatetake reprisalsexact retributiongive someone their just deserts informalgive someone a taste of their own medicinesettle someone's hash literarybe revenged

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