Synonyms of expose in English:



  • 1 at low tide, the sands are exposed
    reveal, uncover, lay bare
    [Antonyms] cover
  • 2 he was exposed to asbestos
    make vulnerable to, subject to, lay open to, put at risk of/from, put in jeopardy of/from
    [Antonyms] protect
  • 3 they were exposed to liberal ideas
    introduce to, bring into contact with, make aware of, familiarize with, acquaint with
    [Antonyms] keep away
  • 4 he was exposed as a liar
    uncover, reveal, unveil, unmask, detect, find out;
    discover, bring to light, bring into the open, make known;
    denounce, condemn
    informal spill the beans on, blow the whistle on
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    Synonyms of expose in English:



  • 1 a poorly written exposé on the Hollywood drug scene
    revelation, disclosure, exposure;
    report, feature, piece, column
    informal tell-all, scoop
    [Antonyms] cover-up
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