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Synonyms of eye in English:


  • 1 he rubbed his eyes
    informal peeper, baby blues
    literary or humorous orb
  • 2 sharp eyes
    eyesight, vision, sight, powers of observation, perception, visual perception
  • 3 an eye for a bargain
    appreciation, awareness, alertness, perception, consciousness, feeling, instinct, intuition, nose
  • 4 his thoughtful eye
    watch, observance, gaze, stare, regard;
    observation, surveillance, vigilance, contemplation, scrutiny
  • 5 (eyes) to desert was despicable in their eyes
    opinion, thinking, way of thinking, mind, view, viewpoint, point of view, attitude, standpoint, perspective, belief, judgment, assessment, analysis, estimation
  • 6 the eye of a needle
    hole, opening, aperture, eyelet, slit, slot
  • 7 the eye of the storm
  • verb

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  • 1 I saw him intently eyeing that antique car
    look at, observe, view, gaze at, stare at, regard, contemplate, survey, scrutinize, consider, glance at;
    watch, keep an eye on, keep under observation;
    ogle, leer at, make eyes at
    informal have/take a gander at, check out, size up, eyeball
    literary behold
  • Word links

    ocular, optic, ophthalmic relating to the eyes, or to vision
    ophthalmology the study and treatment of eye diseases and disorders


    lay/set/clap eyes on
    informal have you ever laid your eyes on a more beautiful sailboat?
    see, observe, notice, spot, spy, catch sight of, glimpse, catch/get a glimpse of
    literary behold, espy, descry
    see eye to eye
    even best friends can't expect to see eye to eye on everything
    agree, concur, be in agreement, be of the same mind/opinion, be in accord, think as one;
    be on the same wavelength, get on/along
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