Synonyms of eye in English:



  • 1 he rubbed his eyes
    informal peeper, baby blues
    literary or humorous orb
  • 2 sharp eyes
    eyesight, vision, sight, powers of observation, perception, visual perception
  • 3 an eye for a bargain
    appreciation, awareness, alertness, perception, consciousness, feeling, instinct, intuition, nose
  • 4 his thoughtful eye
    watch, observance, gaze, stare, regard; observation, surveillance, vigilance, contemplation, scrutiny
  • 5 (eyes) to desert was despicable in their eyes
    opinion, thinking, way of thinking, mind, view, viewpoint, point of view, attitude, standpoint, perspective, belief, judgment, assessment, analysis, estimation
  • 6 the eye of a needle
    hole, opening, aperture, eyelet, slit, slot
  • 7 the eye of the storm
  • verb

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  • 1 I saw him intently eyeing that antique car
    look at, observe, view, gaze at, stare at, regard, contemplate, survey, scrutinize, consider, glance at; watch, keep an eye on, keep under observation; ogle, leer at, make eyes at
    informal have/take a gander at, check out, size up, eyeball
    literary behold
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    ocular, optic, ophthalmic relating to the eyes, or to vision
    ophthalmology the study and treatment of eye diseases and disorders


    lay/set/clap eyes on

    informal have you ever laid your eyes on a more beautiful sailboat?seeobservenoticespotspycatch sight ofglimpsecatch/get a glimpse of literarybeholdespydescry

    see eye to eye

    even best friends can't expect to see eye to eye on everythingagreeconcurbe in agreementbe of the same mind/opinionbe in accordthink as onebe on the same wavelengthget on/along

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