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Synonyms of fail in English:


  • 1 the enterprise had failed
    be unsuccessful, not succeed, fall through, fall flat, collapse, founder, backfire, meet with disaster, come to nothing, come to naught
    informal flop, bomb
    [Antonyms] succeed
  • 2 he has failed the final French examination
    be unsuccessful in, not pass;
    not make the grade on
    informal flunk, botch, blow, screw up, bungle
    [Antonyms] pass
  • 3 at his lowest point, his friends failed him
    let down, disappoint;
    desert, abandon, betray, be disloyal to
    literary forsake
    [Antonyms] support
  • 4 the crops failed
    die, wither;
    be deficient, be insufficient, be inadequate
    [Antonyms] thrive
  • 5 daylight failed
    fade, dim, die away, wane, disappear, vanish
  • 6 the ventilation system failed
    break down, break, stop working, cut out, crash;
    malfunction, go wrong, develop a fault
    informal conk out, go on the blink, go on the fritz
    [Antonyms] work
  • 7 Joe's health was failing
    deteriorate, degenerate, decline, fade, wane, ebb
    [Antonyms] improving
  • 8 900 businesses are failing a week
    collapse, crash, go under, go bankrupt, go into receivership, go into liquidation, cease trading
    informal fold, flop, go bust, go broke, go belly-up
    [Antonyms] thrive
  • Phrases

    without fail
    without fail, Carlos leaves for lunch at 12:05 every day
    without exception, unfailingly, regularly, invariably, predictably, conscientiously, religiously, whatever happens
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