Synonyms of fake in English:



  • 1 the sculpture was a fake
    forgery, counterfeit, copy, pirate(d) copy, sham, fraud, hoax, imitation, mock-up, dummy, reproduction
    informal phony, rip-off, knockoff, dupe
  • 2 that doctor is a fake
    charlatan, fraud, fraudster, mountebank, sham, quack, humbug, impostor, hoaxer, cheat, trickster
    informal phony, con man, con artist, scam artist
  • adjective

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  • 1 fake $50 bills
    counterfeit, forged, fraudulent, sham, imitation, pirate(d), false, bogus; invalid, inauthentic
    informal phony, dud
    [Antonyms] genuine
  • 2 fake diamonds
    imitation, artificial, synthetic, simulated, reproduction, replica, ersatz, faux, man-made, dummy, false, mock, bogus
    informal pretend, phony, pseudo
    [Antonyms] genuine
  • 3 a fake accent
    feigned, faked, put-on, assumed, invented, affected, pseudo; unconvincing, artificial, mock, unnatural, contrived
    informal phony
    [Antonyms] authentic
  • verb

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  • 1 the certificate was faked
    forge, counterfeit, falsify, mock up, copy, pirate, reproduce, replicate; doctor, alter, tamper with
  • 2 she faked a yawn
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