Synonyms of familiar in English:



  • 1 a familiar task
    well known, recognized, accustomed; common, commonplace, everyday, day-to-day, ordinary, habitual, usual, customary, routine, standard, stock, mundane, run-of-the-mill
    literary wonted
  • 2 are you familiar with the subject?
    acquainted with, conversant with, versed in, knowledgeable of, well informed in/of; skilled in, proficient in; at home with, no stranger to, au fait with, au courant with
    informal up on, in the know about
  • 3 a familiar atmosphere
    informal, casual, relaxed, easy, comfortable; friendly, unceremonious, unreserved, open, natural, unpretentious
    [Antonyms] formal
  • 4 he is too familiar with the teachers
    presumptuous, overfamiliar, disrespectful, forward, bold, impudent, impertinent
    [Antonyms] formal
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