Synonyms of far in English:



  • 1 we walked far that afternoon
    a long way, a great distance, a good way; afar
  • 2 her charm far outweighs any flaws
    [Antonyms] slightly
  • adjective

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  • 1 far places
    [Antonyms] near neighboring
  • 2 the far side of the campus
    further, more distant; opposite
    [Antonyms] near
  • Phrases

    by far

    this is by far the best essay we've read todayby a great amountby a good dealby a long wayby a milefar and awayundoubtedlywithout doubtwithout questionpositivelyabsolutelyeasilysignificantlysubstantiallyappreciablymuch

    far and away

    far and near

    people came from far and near in hopes of witnessing a miracleeverywhere[here, there, and everywhere]far and wideall over (the world)throughout the landworldwide informalall over the placeall over the map

    far and wide

    far from

    staff were far from happynotnot at allnowhere nearthe opposite ofthe antithesis ofanything but

    go far

    we always knew that Rudy would go farbe successfulsucceedprosperflourishthriveget onget on in the worldmake goodset the world on fire informalmake a name for oneselfmake one's markgo placesdo all right for oneselffind a place in the sun

    go too far

    one of these days, you're going to go too far and they're going to haul you awaygo to extremesgo overboardoverdo itgo over the topnot know when to stop

    so far

  • 1.1 nobody has noticed so far
    up to this point, up to now, as yet, thus far, hitherto, up to the present, to date
  • 2.1 his liberalism only extends so far
    to a certain extent, up to a point, to a degree, within reason, within limits
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