Synonyms of fast in English:

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fast 1


  • 1 a fast pace
    fast-moving, fast-paced, high-speed, turbo, sporty;
    accelerated, express, blistering, breakneck, pell-mell;
    informal nippy, zippy, blinding, supersonic
    literary fleet
    [Antonyms] slow
  • 2 he held the door fast
    secure, fastened, tight, firm, closed, shut;
    immovable, unbudgable
    [Antonyms] loose
  • 3 a fast color
    indelible, lasting, permanent, stable
    [Antonyms] temporary
  • 4 fast friends
    constant, enduring, unswerving
  • 5 a fast woman
    promiscuous, licentious, dissolute, debauched, impure, unchaste, wanton, abandoned, of easy virtue;
    intemperate, immoderate, shameless, sinful, immoral
    informal easy
    dated loose
    [Antonyms] chaste
  • adverb

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  • 1 she drove fast
    quickly, rapidly, swiftly, speedily, briskly, at speed, at full tilt;
    hastily, hurriedly, in a hurry, posthaste, pell-mell;
    like a shot, like a flash, on the double, at the speed of light
    informal lickety-split, pretty damn quick, PDQ, nippily, like (greased) lightning, hell-bent for leather, like mad, like the wind, like a bat out of hell, at warp speed
    literary apace
    [Antonyms] slowly
  • 2 his wheels were stuck fast
  • 3 he's fast asleep
    deeply, sound, completely
  • 4 she lived fast and dangerously
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    Synonyms of fast in English:

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    fast 2


  • 1 we must fast and pray
    eat nothing, abstain from food, refrain from eating, go without food, go hungry, starve oneself;
    go on a hunger strike;
    [Antonyms] eat
  • noun

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  • 1 a five-day fast
    period of fasting, period of abstinence;
    [Antonyms] feast
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