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  • 1 police are revealing few details
    not many, hardly any, scarcely any;
    a small number of, a small amount of, one or two, a handful of;
    [Antonyms] many
  • 2 comforts here are few
    scarce, scant, meager, insufficient, in short supply;
    thin on the ground, few and far between, infrequent, uncommon, rare;
    [Antonyms] plentiful
  • pronoun

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  • 1 (a few) there weren't many biscuits, but we saved you a few
    a small number, a handful, one or two, a couple, two or three;
    not many, hardly any
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    fewer, less
    Strictly speaking, the rule is that fewer, the comparative form of few, is used with words denoting people or countable things ( fewer members; fewer books; fewer than ten contestants). Less, on the other hand, is used with mass nouns, denoting things that cannot be counted ( less money; less music). In addition, less is normally used with expressions of measurement or time ( less than four miles away; less than two weeks). To use less with countable nouns, as in less people or less words, however, is incorrect in standard English

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