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Synonyms of fight in English:


  • 1 two men were fighting
    brawl, exchange blows, attack each other, assault each other, hit each other, punch each other;
    informal scrap, have a set-to, roughhouse, engage in fisticuffs
  • 2 they fought in the First World War
    (do) battle, go to war, take up arms, be a soldier;
    engage, meet, clash, skirmish
  • 3 a war fought for freedom
    engage in, wage, conduct, prosecute, undertake
  • 4 they are always fighting
    quarrel, argue, bicker, squabble, fall out, have a fight, have a row, wrangle, be at odds, disagree, differ, have words, bandy words, be at each other's throats, be at loggerheads
    informal scrap
  • 5 fighting against wage reductions
    campaign, strive, battle, struggle, contend, crusade, agitate, lobby, push, press
  • 6 they will fight the decision
    oppose, contest, contend with, confront, challenge, combat, dispute, quarrel with, argue against/with, strive against, struggle against
  • 7 Tyler fought the urge to stick his tongue out
    repress, restrain, suppress, stifle, smother, hold back, fight back, keep in check, curb, control, rein in, choke back
    informal keep the lid on
  • noun

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  • 1 a fight outside a club
    brawl, fracas, melee, rumpus, skirmish, sparring match, struggle, scuffle, altercation, clash, disturbance;
    informal scrap, set-to, donnybrook
  • 2 a heavyweight fight
    boxing match, bout, match
  • 3 Richard the Lionheart's fight against the French
    war, campaign, crusade, action, hostilities
  • 4 a fight with my girlfriend
  • 5 their fight for control of the company
    struggle, battle, campaign, push, effort
  • 6 she had no fight left in her
    will to resist, resistance, spirit, courage, pluck, pluckiness, grit, strength, backbone, determination, resolution, resolve, resoluteness, aggression, aggressiveness
    informal guts, spunk, moxie
  • Phrases

    fight back
  • 1.1 if the enemy attacks, we will fight back
    retaliate, counterattack, strike back, hit back, respond, reciprocate, return fire, give tit for tat
  • 2.1 Russ fought back tears See sense 7 of the verb
  • fight off
    they tried in vain to fight off the swarming locusts
    repel, repulse, beat off/back, ward off, fend off, keep/hold at bay, drive away/back, force back
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