Synonyms of figure in English:



  • 1 the production figure
    statistic, number, quantity, amount, level, total, sum;
    (figures)data, information
  • 2 the second figure was 9
    digit, numeral, numerical symbol
  • 3 he can't put a figure on it
    price, cost, amount, value, valuation
  • 4 (figures) I'm good with figures
    arithmetic, mathematics, math, calculations, computation, numbers
  • 5 her petite figure
    physique, build, frame, body, proportions, shape, form
  • 6 a dark figure emerged
  • 7 a figure of authority
    person, personage, individual, man, woman, character, personality;
    representative, embodiment, personification, epitome
  • 8 life-size figures
    human representation, effigy, model, statue
  • 9 geometrical figures
  • 10 see figure 4
    diagram, illustration, drawing, picture, plate
  • verb

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  • 1 a beast figuring in Egyptian legend
    feature, appear, be featured, be mentioned, be referred to, have prominence, crop up
  • 2 a way to figure the values
    calculate, work out, total, reckon, compute, determine, assess, put a figure on, crunch the numbers, tot up
  • 3 informal I figured that I didn't have a chance
    suppose, think, believe, consider, expect, take it, suspect, sense;
    assume, dare say, conclude, take it as read, presume, deduce, infer, extrapolate, gather, guess
  • 4 “Charlotte's late.” “That figures.”
    make sense, seem reasonable, stand to reason, be to be expected, be logical, follow, ring true
  • Phrases

    figure on

    they figured on paying about $100
    plan on, count on, rely on, bank on, bargain on, depend on, pin one's hopes on;
    anticipate, expect to (be)

    figure out

    he tried to figure out how to switch on the lamp
    informal crack
    British informal twig

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