Synonyms of figure in English:



  • 1 the production figure
    statistic, number, quantity, amount, level, total, sum; (figures)data, information
  • 2 the second figure was 9
    digit, numeral, numerical symbol
  • 3 he can't put a figure on it
    price, cost, amount, value, valuation
  • 4 (figures) I'm good with figures
    arithmetic, mathematics, math, calculations, computation, numbers
  • 5 her petite figure
    physique, build, frame, body, proportions, shape, form
  • 6 a dark figure emerged
  • 7 a figure of authority
    person, personage, individual, man, woman, character, personality; representative, embodiment, personification, epitome
  • 8 life-size figures
    human representation, effigy, model, statue
  • 9 geometrical figures
  • 10 see figure 4
    diagram, illustration, drawing, picture, plate
  • verb

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  • 1 a beast figuring in Egyptian legend
    feature, appear, be featured, be mentioned, be referred to, have prominence, crop up
  • 2 a way to figure the values
    calculate, work out, total, reckon, compute, determine, assess, put a figure on, crunch the numbers, tot up
  • 3 informal I figured that I didn't have a chance
    suppose, think, believe, consider, expect, take it, suspect, sense; assume, dare say, conclude, take it as read, presume, deduce, infer, extrapolate, gather, guess
  • 4 “Charlotte's late.” “That figures.”
    make sense, seem reasonable, stand to reason, be to be expected, be logical, follow, ring true
  • Phrases

    figure on

    they figured on paying about $100plan oncount onrely onbank onbargain ondepend onpin one's hopes onanticipateexpect to (be)

    figure out

    he tried to figure out how to switch on the lampwork outfathompuzzle outdecipherascertainmake sense ofthink throughget to the bottom ofunderstandcomprehendseegraspget the hang ofget the drift of informalcrackBritish informaltwig

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