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Synonyms of fire in English:


  • 1 a fire broke out
    flames, burning, combustion;
    forest fire, wildfire, brush fire
  • 3 rapid machine-gun fire
    gunfire, firing, flak, bombardment
  • 4 they directed their fire at the state legislature
    hostility, antagonism, animosity
    informal flak
  • verb

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  • 1 howitzers firing shells
    launch, shoot, discharge, let fly with
  • 2 someone fired a gun
    shoot, discharge, let off, set off
  • 3 informal he was fired
    dismiss, discharge, give someone their notice, lay off, let go, get rid of, ax, cashier
    informal sack, give someone the sack, boot out, give someone the boot, give someone their marching orders, pink-slip
    British  make redundant
  • 4 the engine fired
    start, get started, get going
  • 5 the stories fired my imagination
    stimulate, stir up, excite, awaken, arouse, rouse, inflame, animate, inspire, motivate
  • Word links

    pyromania an obsessive desire to set fire to things


    catch fire
    it was amazing that neither of the adjoining buildings caught fire
    ignite, catch light, burst into flames, go up in flames
    on fire
  • 1.1 the restaurant was on fire
    burning, alight, ablaze, blazing, aflame, in flames
    literary afire
  • 2.1 she was on fire with passion
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