Synonyms of fish in English:



  • 1 we can fish in Putnam's Pond
    go fishing, angle, cast, trawl, troll, seine
  • 2 she fished for her purse
    search, delve, look, hunt;
    grope, fumble, ferret (about/around), root around/about, rummage (around/about)
  • 3 I'm not fishing for compliments
    try to get, seek to obtain, solicit, angle for, aim for, hope for, cast around/about for, be after
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    ichthyology the branch of zoology concerned with fish
    pisciculture the controlled breeding and rearing of fish
    ichthyophobia fear of fish


    fish out

    I fished my earring out of the cake batter
    pull out, haul out, remove, extricate, extract, retrieve;
    rescue from, save from

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