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Synonyms of flesh in English:


  • 1 you need more flesh on your bones
    muscle, meat, tissue, brawn
    informal beef
  • 2 she carries too much flesh
    fat, weight;
    Anatomy  adipose tissue
    informal blubber, flab
  • 3 a fruit with juicy flesh
    pulp, soft part, marrow, meat
  • 4 the pleasures of the flesh
    the body, human nature, physicality, carnality, animality;
    sensuality, sexuality
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    carnivorous (of an animal) flesh-eating


    one's (own) flesh and blood
    how can you deny your own flesh and blood?
    family, relative(s), relation(s), blood relation(s), kin, kinsfolk, kinsman, kinsmen, kinswoman, kinswomen, kindred, nearest and dearest, people
    informal folks
    flesh out
  • 1.1 he really fleshed out for his latest movie role
    put on weight, gain weight, get heavier, grow fat/fatter, fatten up, get fat, fill out
  • 2.1 the storyline should be fleshed out a bit
    expand (on), elaborate on, add to, build on, add flesh to, put flesh on (the bones of), add detail to, expatiate on, supplement, reinforce, augment, fill out, enlarge on
  • in the flesh
    look, it's him, in the flesh
    in person, before one's (very) eyes, in front of one;
    in real life, live;
    physically, bodily, in bodily/human form, incarnate
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