Synonyms of fog in English:



  • 1 we can't set sail in this fog
    mist, smog, murk, haze, ice fog
    archaic sea smoke
    literary brume, fume
  • verb

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  • 1 the windshield fogged up his breath fogged the glass
    steam up, mist over, cloud over, film over, make/become misty
    [Antonyms] clear
  • 2 his brain was fogged with sleep
    muddle, daze, stupefy, fuddle, befuddle, bewilder, confuse, befog
    literary bedim, becloud
  • Reflections


    A pogonip is a dense winter fog containing frozen particles and forming in deep mountain valleys of the western United States. Seen from the air, a pogonip appears to flatten out whitely the most varied topography with the precision of a blacktop roller. From below, the word sounds just like what it means: the pogo part puts it way up there, like a leap on a pogostick, while the nip part tells you just what the fog feels like. I like it as a descriptor of a hangover—foggy, undispersible, with ice crystals in the brain—or even better, as a synonym for a hair of the dog (“I was feeling super lousy until I had that pogonip”).
    Joshua Ferris

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