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Synonyms of follow in English:


  • 1 we'll let the others follow
    come behind, come after, go behind, go after, walk behind
    [Antonyms] lead
  • 2 he was expected to follow his father in the business
    succeed, replace, take the place of, take over from
    informal step into someone's shoes, fill someone's shoes/boots
  • 3 people used to follow the band around
    accompany, go along with, go around with, travel with, escort, attend, trail around with, string along with
    informal tag along with
    [Antonyms] lead
  • 4 the KGB followed her everywhere
  • 5 follow the instructions
    obey, comply with, conform to, adhere to, stick to, keep to, hew to, act in accordance with, abide by, observe, heed, pay attention to
    [Antonyms] flout
  • 6 penalties may follow from such behavior
    result from, arise from, be a consequence of, be caused by, be brought about by, be a result of, come after, develop from, ensue from, emanate from, issue from, proceed from, spring from, flow from, originate from, stem from
    [Antonyms] lead to
  • 7 I couldn't follow what he said
    understand, comprehend, apprehend, take in, grasp, fathom, appreciate, see
    informal make head(s) or tail(s) of, get, figure out, savvy, wrap/get one's head around, wrap/get one's mind around, get the drift of
    [Antonyms] misunderstand
  • 8 she followed her mentor in her poetic style
    imitate, copy, mimic, ape, reproduce, mirror, echo;
    emulate, take as a pattern, take as an example, take as a model, adopt the style of, model oneself on, take a leaf out of someone's book
  • 9 he follows the Pacers
    be a fan of, be a supporter of, support, be a follower of, be an admirer of, be a devotee of, be devoted to
    [Antonyms] dislike
  • Phrases

    follow through
    they lack the resources to follow the project through
    complete, bring to completion, see something through;
    continue with, carry on with, keep on with, keep going with, stay with
    informal stick something out
    follow up
    I've got a hunch and I'm going to follow it up
    investigate, research, look into, dig into, delve into, make inquiries into, inquire about, ask questions about, pursue, chase up
    informal check out, scope out
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