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Synonyms of force in English:


  • 1 he pushed with all his force
    strength, power, energy, might, effort, exertion;
    impact, pressure, weight, impetus
    [Antonyms] weakness
  • 2 they used force to achieve their aims
    coercion, compulsion, constraint, duress, oppression, harassment, intimidation, threats
    informalarm-twisting, bullying tactics
  • 3 the force of the argument
    cogency, potency, weight, effectiveness, soundness, validity, strength, power, significance, influence, authority
    [Antonyms] weakness
  • 4 a force for good
    agency, power, influence, instrument, vehicle, means
  • 5 a peace-keeping force
    body, body of people, group, outfit, party, team;
    detachment, unit, squad;
    border patrol
  • verb

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  • 1 he was forced to pay
    compel, coerce, make, constrain, oblige, impel, drive, pressurize, pressure, press, push, press-gang, bully, dragoon, bludgeon
    informalput the screws on, lean on, twist someone's arm
  • 2 the door had to be forced
    break open, burst open, knock down, smash down, kick in
  • 3 water was forced through a hole
    propel, push, thrust, shove, drive, press, pump
  • 4 they forced a confession out of the kids
    extract, elicit, exact, extort, wrest, wring, drag, screw, squeeze
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    in force

  • 1.1 the law is now in force
    effective, in operation, operative, operational, in action, valid
  • 2.1 her fans were out in force
    in great numbers, in hordes, in full strength
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