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  • 1 the general form of the landscape form is less important than content
    shape, configuration, formation, structure, construction, arrangement, appearance, exterior, outline, format, layout, design
  • 2 the human form
    body, shape, figure, stature, build, frame, physique, anatomy
    informal vital statistics
  • 3 the infection takes different forms
    manifestation, appearance, embodiment, incarnation, semblance, shape, guise
  • 4 sponsorship is a form of advertising
    kind, sort, type, class, classification, category, variety, genre, brand, style; species, genus, family
  • 5 put the mixture into a form
    mold, cast, shape, matrix, die
  • 6 what is the form here?
    etiquette, social practice, custom, usage, use, modus operandi, habit, wont, protocol, procedure, rules, convention, tradition, fashion, style
    formal praxis
  • 7 you have to fill in a form
    questionnaire, document, coupon, paper, sheet
  • 8 in top form
    fitness, condition, fettle, shape, trim, health
  • verb

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  • 1 the pads are formed from mild steel
  • 2 he formed a plan
    formulate, devise, conceive, work out, think up, lay, draw up, put together, produce, fashion, concoct, forge, hatch, incubate, develop
    informal dream up
  • 3 they plan to form a company
    set up, establish, found, launch, float, create, bring into being, institute, start (up), get going, initiate, bring about, inaugurate
    [Antonyms] dissolve
  • 4 a mist was forming
    materialize, come into being/existence, crystallize, emerge, spring up, develop; take shape, appear, loom, show up, become visible
    [Antonyms] disappear
  • 5 the horse may form bad habits
    acquire, develop, get, pick up, contract, slip into, get into
    [Antonyms] avoid break
  • 6 the warriors formed themselves into a diamond pattern
    arrange, draw up, line up, assemble, organize, sort, order, range, array, dispose, marshal, deploy
  • 7 the parts of society form an integrated whole
  • 8 the city formed a natural meeting point
    constitute, serve as, act as, function as, perform the function of, do duty for, make
  • 9 teachers form the minds of children
    develop, mold, shape, train, teach, instruct, educate, school, drill, discipline, prime, prepare, guide, direct, inform, enlighten, inculcate, indoctrinate, edify
  • Phrases

    good form

    it is not good form to leave visitors on their owngood mannersmannerspolite behaviorcorrect behaviorconventionetiquetteprotocol informalthe done thing

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