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  • 3 the infection takes different forms
    manifestation, appearance, embodiment, incarnation, semblance, shape, guise
  • 7 you have to fill in a form
    questionnaire, document, coupon, paper, sheet


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  • 4 a mist was forming
    materialize, come into being/existence, crystallize, emerge, spring up, develop; take shape, appear, loom, show up, become visible
    a mist was forming
    [Antonyms] disappear
  • 5 the horse may form bad habits
    acquire, develop, get, pick up, contract, slip into, get into
    the horse may form bad habits
    [Antonyms] avoid break
  • 6 the warriors formed themselves into a diamond pattern
    arrange, draw up, line up, assemble, organize, sort, order, range, array, dispose, marshal, deploy
  • 8 the city formed a natural meeting point
    constitute, serve as, act as, function as, perform the function of, do duty for, make


good form

it is not good form to leave visitors on their own good mannersmannerspolite behaviorcorrect behaviorconventionetiquetteprotocol informalthe done thing

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