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Synonyms of fortune in English:


  • 1 fortune favored him
    chance, accident, coincidence, serendipity, destiny, fortuity, providence, happenstance
  • 2 a change of fortune
    luck, fate, destiny, predestination, the stars, serendipity, karma, kismet, lot
  • 3 (fortunes) an upswing in the team's fortunes
    circumstances, state of affairs, condition, position, situation;
    plight, predicament
  • 4 he made his fortune in steel
  • 5 informal this dress cost a fortune
    a huge amount, a vast sum, a king's ransom, millions, billions
    informal a small fortune, a mint, a bundle, a pile, a wad, an arm and a leg, a pretty penny, a tidy sum, big money, big bucks, gazillions, bajillions, megabucks, top dollar
    [Antonyms] pittance
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