Synonyms of fragment in English:



  • 1 meteorite fragments
    piece, bit, particle, speck;
    shaving, paring, snippet, scrap, flake, shred, wisp, morsel
  • 2 a fragment of conversation
  • verb

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  • 1 explosions caused the granite to fragment
    break up, break, break into pieces, crack open/apart, shatter, splinter, fracture;
    disintegrate, fall to pieces, fall apart
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    fragment, fraction, part, piece, portion, section, segment
    The whole is equal to the sum of its partspart being a general term for any of the components of a whole. But how did the whole come apart? Fragment suggests that breakage has occurred ( fragments of the vase) and often refers to a brittle substance such as glass or pottery. Segment suggests that the whole has been separated along natural or pre-existing lines of division ( a segment of an orange), and section suggests a substantial and clearly separate part that fits closely with other parts to form the whole ( a section of the bookcase). Fraction usually suggests a less substantial but still clearly delineated part ( a fraction of her income), and a portion is a part that has been allotted or assigned to someone ( her portion of the program). Finally, the very frequently used piece is any part that is separate from the whole ( we're missing two pieces from the jigsaw puzzle).

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