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Synonyms of fresh in English:


  • 1 fresh fruit
    newly picked, garden-fresh, crisp, unwilted;
    raw, natural, unprocessed
    [Antonyms] stale, processed
  • 2 a fresh sheet of paper
    clean, blank, empty, clear, white;
    unused, new, pristine, unmarked, untouched
    [Antonyms] used
  • 3 a fresh approach
    new, recent, latest, up-to-date, modern, modernistic, ultramodern, newfangled;
    original, novel, different, innovative, unusual, unconventional, unorthodox;
    radical, revolutionary
    informal offbeat
    [Antonyms] old
  • 4 fresh recruits
    young, youthful;
    new, inexperienced, naive, untrained, unqualified, untried, raw
    [Antonyms] experienced
  • 5 he felt fresh and happy to be alive
    refreshed, rested, restored, revived;
    (as) fresh as a daisy, energetic, vigorous, invigorated, full of vim and vigor, lively, vibrant, spry, sprightly, bright, alert, perky
    informal full of beans, raring to go, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, chirpy, chipper
    [Antonyms] tired
  • 6 her fresh complexion
    healthy, healthy-looking, clear, bright, youthful, blooming, glowing, unblemished;
    fair, rosy, rosy-cheeked, pink, ruddy
    [Antonyms] healthy
  • 7 the night air was fresh
    [Antonyms] stale, stifling
  • 8 a fresh wind
    informal nippy
    [Antonyms] sultry, warm
  • 9 informal don't get fresh with me
    impudent, brazen, shameless, forward, bold, cheeky, impertinent, insolent, presumptuous, disrespectful, rude, pert, (as) bold as brass
    informal sassy, saucy, lippy, mouthy
    [Antonyms] polite
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