Synonyms of full in English:



  • 1 her glass was full
    filled, filled up, filled to capacity, filled to the brim, brimming, brimful
    [Antonyms] empty
  • 2 streets full of people
    crowded with, packed with, crammed with, congested with; teeming with, swarming with, thick with, thronged with, overcrowded with, overrun with; abounding with, bursting with, overflowing with
    informal jam-packed with, wall-to-wall with, stuffed with, chockablock with, chock-full of, bursting at the seams with, packed to the gunwales with, awash with
    [Antonyms] empty
  • 3 all the seats were full
    occupied, taken, in use, unavailable
    [Antonyms] empty unoccupied
  • 4 I'm full
    replete, full up, satisfied, well fed, sated, satiated, surfeited; gorged, glutted
    informal stuffed
    [Antonyms] hungry
  • 5 she'd had a full life
    eventful, interesting, exciting, lively, action-packed, busy, energetic, active
    [Antonyms] uneventful
  • 6 a full list of available facilities
    [Antonyms] selective incomplete
  • 7 a fire engine driven at full speed
    [Antonyms] low
  • 8 she had a full figure
    plump, well rounded, rounded, buxom, shapely, ample, curvaceous, voluptuous, womanly, Junoesque
    informal busty, curvy, well upholstered, well endowed, zaftig
    [Antonyms] thin
  • 9 a full skirt
    loose-fitting, loose, baggy, voluminous, roomy, capacious, billowing
    [Antonyms] tight tight-fitting
  • 10 his full baritone voice
    resonant, rich, sonorous, deep, vibrant, full-bodied, strong, fruity, clear
    [Antonyms] thin
  • 11 the full flavor of a Bordeaux
    rich, intense, full-bodied, strong, deep
    [Antonyms] watery thin
  • adverb

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  • 1 she looked full into his face
    directly, right, straight, squarely, square, dead, point-blank
    informal bang, plumb
  • 2 you knew full well I was leaving
    very, perfectly, quite
    informal darn, damn, damned, darned
    chiefly Britishbloody
  • Phrases

    in full

    my letter was published in fullin its entiretyin totoin totalunabridgeduncut

    to the full

    live your life to the fullfullythoroughlycompletelyto the utmostto the limitto the maximumfor all one's worth

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