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Synonyms of get in English:


  • 1 where did you get that hat?
    gather, collect, pick up, hook, net, land;
    informal get one's hands on, get one's mitts on, get hold of, grab, bag, score
    [Antonyms] give
  • 2 I got your letter
    receive, be sent, be in receipt of, be given
    [Antonyms] send
  • 3 your tea's getting cold
  • 4 get the children from school
    fetch, collect, go for, call for, pick up, bring, deliver, convey, ferry, transport
    [Antonyms] leave
  • 5 the chairman gets $650,000 a year
    earn, be paid, take home, bring in, make, receive, collect, gross
    informal pocket, bank, rake in, net, bag
  • 6 have the police got their man?
    take prisoner, take into custody, detain, put in jail, put behind bars, imprison, incarcerate
    informal collar, grab, nab, nail, run in, pinch, bust, pick up, pull in
  • 7 I got a taxi
    travel by/on/in;
    take, catch, use
  • 8 she got the flu
    succumb to, develop, come/go down with, get sick with, fall victim to, be struck down with, be afflicted by/with;
    become infected with, catch, contract, fall ill with, be taken ill with
  • 9 I got a pain in my arm
    experience, suffer, be afflicted with, sustain, feel, have
  • 10 I got him on the radio
    contact, get in touch with, communicate with, make contact with, reach;
    phone, call, radio;
    speak to, talk to
    informal get hold of
  • 11 I didn't get what he said
    hear, discern, distinguish, make out, perceive, follow, take in
  • 12 I don't get the joke
    informal get the drift of, catch on to, latch on to, figure out
  • 13 we got there early
    arrive, reach, come, make it, turn up, appear, come on the scene, approach, enter, present oneself, come along, materialize, show one's face
    informal show (up), roll in/up, blow in
  • 14 we got her to go
    persuade, induce, prevail on/upon, influence
  • 15 I'd like to get to meet him
    contrive, arrange, find a way, manage
    informal work it, fix it
  • 16 I'll get supper
    prepare, get ready, cook, make, assemble, muster, concoct
    informal fix, rustle up
  • 17 informal I'll get him for that
    take revenge on, exact/wreak revenge on, get one's revenge on, avenge oneself on, take vengeance on, get even with, pay back, get back at, exact retribution on, give someone their just deserts
  • 18 you really got me with that third question
  • 19 what gets me is how neurotic she is
    informal aggravate, peeve, miff, rile, get to, needle, get someone's back up, get on someone's nerves, get someone's goat, drive mad, make someone see red, tee off, tick off
  • Choose the right word

    get, acquire, attain, gain, obtain, procure, secure
    Get is a very broad term meaning 'to come into possession of.' You can get something by fetching it ( get some groceries), by receiving it ( get a birthday gift), by earning it ( get interest on a bank loan), or by any of a dozen other familiar means. It is such a common, overused word that many writers try to substitute obtain for it whenever possible, perhaps because it sounds less colloquial. But it can also sound pretentious ( all employees were required to obtain an annual physical exam) and should be reserved for contexts where the emphasis is on seeking something out ( to obtain blood samples). Acquire often suggests a continued, sustained, or cumulative acquisition ( to acquire poise as one matures), but it can also hint at deviousness ( to acquire the keys to the safe). Use procure if you want to emphasize the effort involved in bringing something to pass ( procure a mediated divorce settlement) or if you want to imply maneuvering to possess something ( procure a reserved parking space). But beware: Procure is so often used to describe the act of obtaining partners to gratify the lust of others ( to procure a prostitute) that it has acquired somewhat unsavory overtones. Gain also implies effort, usually in getting something advantageous or profitable ( gain entry; gain victory). In a similar vein, secure underscores the difficulty involved in bringing something to pass and the desire to place it beyond danger ( secure a permanent peace; secure a lifeline). Attain should be reserved for achieving a high goal or desirable result ( if she attains the summit of Mt. Everest, she will secure for herself a place in mountaineering history).


    get about
    he uses a wheelchair to get about
    move about, move around, travel
    get across
    a photo will help you get the message across
    communicate, impart, convey, transmit, make clear, express
    get ahead
    the desire to get ahead
    prosper, flourish, thrive, do well;
    succeed, make it, advance, get on in the world, go up in the world, make good, become rich
    informal go places, get somewhere, make the big time
    get along
  • 1.1 can't you try to get along with his family?
    be friendly, be compatible, get on;
    agree, see eye to eye, concur, be in accord
    informal hit it off, be on the same wavelength
  • 2.1 she was getting along well at school
    fare, manage, progress, advance, get on, get by, do, cope;
  • get around
    Toby really gets around
    travel, circulate, socialize, do the rounds
    get at
  • 1.1 it's difficult to get at the pipes
    access, get to, reach, touch
  • 2.1 she had been got at by enemy agents
    corrupt, suborn, influence, bribe, buy off, pay off
    informal fix, square
  • 3.1 informal what are you getting at?
  • get away
    the prisoners got away
    escape, run away/off, break out, break free, break loose, bolt, flee, take flight, make off, take off, decamp, abscond, make a run for it;
    slip away, sneak away
    informal cut and run, skedaddle, do a disappearing act
    get away with
    he's been getting away with every kind of wrongdoing since he was three
    escape blame for, escape punishment for
    get back
  • 1.1 they should get back before dawn
    return, come home, come back
  • 2.1 she got her gloves back from the lost and found
    find (again), trace
  • get back at
    she wasted years of her life thinking about getting back at her ex-husband
    take revenge on, exact/wreak revenge on, avenge oneself on, take vengeance on, get even with, pay back, retaliate on/against, exact retribution on, give someone their just deserts
    get by
    he had just enough money to get by
    manage, cope, survive, exist, subsist, muddle through/along, scrape by, make ends meet, make do, keep the wolf from the door
    informal make out
    get down
    her poetry always gets me down
    depress, sadden, make unhappy, make gloomy, dispirit, dishearten, demoralize, discourage, crush, weigh down, oppress;
    upset, distress
    informal give someone the blues, make someone fed up
    get lost
    do us a favor and get lost! See scram
    get off
  • 1.1 Sally got off the bus
    step off, alight (from), dismount (from), descend (from), disembark (from), leave, exit
  • 2.1 informal he was arrested but got off
    escape punishment, be acquitted, be absolved, be cleared, be exonerated
  • get on
  • 1.1 we got on the train
    board, enter, step aboard, climb on, mount, ascend, catch
    informal hop on, jump on
  • 2.1 how are you getting on?
    fare, manage, progress, get along, do, cope, get by, survive, muddle through/along;
    succeed, prosper
    informal make out
  • 3.1 we don't get on too well
    be friendly, be compatible, get along;
    agree, see eye to eye, concur, be in accord
    informal hit it off, be on the same wavelength
  • get on with
    she got on with her job
    continue (with), proceed with, go ahead with, carry on with, go on with, press on with, persist with/in, persevere with;
    keep at
    informal stick with/at
    get out
  • 1.1 the prisoners got out
    escape, run away/off, break out, break free, break loose, get away, bolt, flee, take flight, make off, take off, decamp, abscond, make a run for it;
    slip away, sneak away
    informal cut and run, skedaddle, do a disappearing act
  • 2.1 the news got out
    become known, become common knowledge, come to light, emerge, transpire;
    come out, be uncovered, be revealed, be divulged, be disseminated, be disclosed, be reported, be released, leak out
  • get out of
    how do you plan to get out of this mess?
    evade, dodge, shirk, avoid, escape, sidestep
    informal duck (out of), wriggle out of, cop out of
    get over
  • 1.1 I just got over the flu
    recover from, recuperate from, get better after, shrug off, survive
  • 2.1 we tried to get over this problem
    overcome, surmount, get the better of, master, find an/the answer to, get a grip on, deal with, cope with, sort out, take care of, crack, rise above
    informal lick
  • get together
  • 1.1 get together the best writers
    collect, gather, assemble, bring together, rally, muster, marshal, congregate, convene, amass
    formal convoke
  • 2.1 we must get together soon
    meet, meet up, rendezvous, see each other, socialize
  • get up
    he seldom gets up before noon
    get out of bed, rise, stir, rouse oneself
    informal surface
    formal arise
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