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Synonyms of give in English:


  • 1 she gave them $2000
    present with, provide with, supply with, furnish with, let someone have;
    hand (over to), offer, proffer;
    award, grant (to), bestow on/upon, accord, confer on, make over to;
    donate to, contribute to
    [Antonyms] receive, take
  • 2 can I give him a message?
    convey to, pass on to, impart to, communicate to, transmit to;
    send, deliver (to), relay to;
    tell (to)
  • 3 a baby given into their care
    entrust, commit, consign, assign
    formal commend
  • 4 she gave her life for them
    sacrifice, give up, relinquish;
    devote, dedicate
  • 5 he gave her time to think
    allow, permit, grant, accord;
  • 6 this leaflet gives our opening times
    show, display, set out, indicate, detail, list
  • 7 they gave no further trouble
    cause, make, create, occasion
  • 8 garlic gives flavor
    produce, yield, afford, impart, lend
  • 9 she gave a party
    organize, arrange, throw, host, hold, have, provide
  • 10 Dominic gave a bow
    perform, execute, make, do
  • 11 she gave a shout
    utter, let out, emit, produce, make
  • 12 he gave Larry a beating
    administer, deliver, deal, inflict, impose
  • 13 the door gave
    give way, cave in, collapse, break, fall apart;
    bend, buckle
  • noun

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  • 1 informal there isn't enough give in the jacket
    slack, play
  • Choose the right word

    give, afford, award, bestow, confer, donate, grant
    You give a birthday present, grant a favor, bestow charity, and confer an honor. While all of these verbs mean to convey something or transfer it from one's own possession to that of another, the circumstances surrounding that transfer dictate which word is the best one. Give is the most general, meaning to pass over, deliver, or transmit something ( give him encouragement). Grant implies that a request or desire has been expressed, and that the receiver is dependent on the giver's discretion ( grant permission for the trip). Award suggests that the giver is in some sense a judge, and that the thing given is deserved ( award a scholarship), while bestow implies that something is given as a gift and may imply condescension on the part of the giver ( bestow a large sum of money on a needy charity). To confer is to give an honor, a privilege, or a favor; it implies that the giver is a superior ( confer a knighthood; confer a college degree). Donate implies that the giving is to a public cause or charity ( donate a painting to the local art museum), and to afford is to give or bestow as a natural consequence ( the window afforded a fine view of the mountains).


    give away
  • 1.1 he refused to believe that his own sister had given him away
    betray, inform on
    informal rat on, blow the whistle on, sell down the river, rat out, finger
  • 2.1 his face gave little away
    reveal, disclose, divulge, let slip, leak, let out
  • 3.1 Kellie gave away all of her possessions
    donate, make a gift of, confer, contribute, will, bequeath;
    get rid of, dispose of, relent, throw in the towel/sponge
  • give in
    in the end, Dolan was forced to give in
    capitulate, concede defeat, admit defeat, give up, surrender, yield, submit, back down, give way, defer, relent, throw in the towel
    give off
    the lantern gives off a powerful glow
    emit, produce, send out, throw out;
    discharge, release, exude, vent
    give out
  • 1.1 the gas reserves have finally given out
    run out, be used up, be consumed, be exhausted, be depleted;
    fail, flag;
    dry up
  • 2.1 thousands of leaflets were given out
    distribute, issue, hand out, pass around, dispense;
    dole out, dish out, mete out;
    allocate, allot
  • give up
  • 1.1 See give in
  • 2.1 when did you give up drinking?
    stop, cease, discontinue, desist from, abstain from, cut out, renounce, forgo;
    resign from, stand down from
    informal quit, kick, swear off, leave off, pack in, lay off
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