Synonyms of glow in English:



  • 1 lights glowed from the windows
    shine, radiate, gleam, glimmer, flicker, flare; luminesce
  • 2 a fire glowed in the hearth
    radiate heat, smolder, burn
  • 3 she glowed with embarrassment
    flush, blush, redden, color (up), go pink, go scarlet; burn
  • 4 she glowed with pride
    tingle, thrill; beam
  • noun

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  • 1 the glow of the fire
    radiance, light, shine, gleam, glimmer, incandescence, luminescence; warmth, heat
  • 2 a glow spread over her face
    [Antonyms] pallor
  • 3 a warm glow deep inside her
    happiness, contentment, pleasure, satisfaction
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