Synonyms of go in English:



  • 1 he's gone into town
    move, proceed, make one's way, advance, progress, pass; walk, travel, journey
    literary betake oneself
  • 2 the road goes to Michigan Avenue
    extend, stretch, reach; lead
  • 3 the money will go to charity
    be given, be donated, be granted, be presented, be awarded; be devoted; be handed (over)
  • 4 it's time to go
    leave, depart, go away, withdraw, absent oneself, make an exit, exit; set off, start out, get underway, be on one's way; decamp, retreat, retire, make off, clear out, run off, run away, flee, make a move
    informal make tracks, push off, beat it, take off, skedaddle, scram, split, scoot
    [Antonyms] arrive come
  • 5 how quickly the years go by
    pass, elapse, slip by/past, roll by/past, tick away; fly by/past
  • 6 a golden age that has gone for good
    disappear, vanish, be no more, cease to exist, come to an end, be over, run its course, fade away; finish, end, cease
    [Antonyms] return
  • 7 when your money is gone, you'll come crawling back
    be used up, be spent, be exhausted, be consumed, be drained, be depleted
  • 8 I'd like to see my grandchildren before I go
    die, pass away, pass on, lose one's life, expire, breathe one's last, perish, go to meet one's maker
  • 9 the bridge went suddenly
    collapse, give way, fall down, cave in, crumble, disintegrate
  • 10 his hair had gone gray
  • 11 he heard the bell go
    make a sound, sound, reverberate, resound; ring, chime, peal, toll, clang
  • 12 everything went well
    turn out, work out, develop, come out; result, end (up)
    informal pan out
  • 13 those colors don't go
    match, be harmonious, harmonize, blend, be suited, be complementary, coordinate, be compatible
    [Antonyms] clash
  • 14 my car won't go
  • 15 where does the cutlery go?
    belong, be kept
  • 16 this all goes to prove my point
    contribute, help, serve; incline, tend
  • noun

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  • 1 her second go
    attempt, try, effort, bid, endeavor
    informal shot, stab, crack, bash, whirl, whack
    formal essay
  • 2 he has plenty of go in him
    energy, vigor, vitality, life, liveliness, spirit, verve, enthusiasm, zest, vibrancy, sparkle; stamina, dynamism, drive, push, determination
  • Phrases

    go about

    Ruth went about with her houseworkset aboutbeginembark onstartcommenceaddress oneself toget down toget to work onget going onundertakeapproachtackleattack informalget cracking on/with

    go along with

    I'm willing to go along with that ideaagree to/withfall in withcomply withcooperate withacquiesce inassent tofollowsubmit toyield todefer to

    go around

  • 1.1 the wheels were going around
  • 2.1 a nasty rumor is going around
    be spread, be circulated, be put about, circulate, be broadcast
  • go back on

    she went back on her promiserenege onbreakfail to honordefault onrepudiateretractdo an about-face informalcop out (of)

    go by

    we have to go by his decisionobeyabide bycomply withkeep toconform tofollowheeddefer torespect

    go down

  • 1.1 the ship went down
    sink, founder, go under
  • 2.1 interest rates are going down
    decrease, get lower, fall, drop, decline; plummet, plunge, slump
  • 3.1 informal they went down in the first round
    lose, be beaten, be defeated
  • 4.1 his name will go down in history
    be remembered, be recorded, be commemorated, be immortalized
  • go far

    stick with your aunts' company and you'll go farbe successfulsucceedbe a successdo wellget onget somewhereget aheadmake good informalmake a name for oneselfmake one's mark

    go for

  • 1.1 I went for the tuna
    choose, pick, opt for, select, decide on, settle on
  • 2.1 the dog went for her
    attack, assault, hit, strike, beat up, assail, set upon, rush at, lash out at
    informal lay into, rough up, have a go at, beat up on
  • 3.1 she goes for younger men
    be attracted to, like, fancy; prefer, favor, choose
  • go in for

    until I got to San Juan, I'd never gone in for water sportstake part inparticipate inengage inget involved injoin inenter intoundertakepracticepursueespouseadoptembrace

    go into

    you should have gone into the subject more thoroughlyinvestigateexamineinquire intolook intoresearchprobeexploredelve intoconsiderreviewanalyze

    go off

    the bomb went offexplodedetonateblow up

    go on

  • 1.1 the lecture went on for hours
    last, continue, carry on, run on, proceed; endure, persist; take
  • 2.1 she went on about her cruise
    talk at length, ramble, rattle on, chatter, prattle, blather, twitter
    informal gab, yak, yabber, yatter, run off at the mouth, mouth off
  • 3.1 I'm not sure what went on
    happen, take place, occur, transpire
    informal go down
    literary come to pass, betide
  • go out

  • 1.1 the lights went out
    be turned off, be extinguished; stop burning
  • 2.1 he's going out with Kate
    see, date, take out, be someone's boyfriend/girlfriend, be involved with
    informal go steady with, go with
    dated court, woo, step out with
  • go over

  • 1.1 go over the figures
    examine, study, scrutinize, inspect, look at/over, scan, check; analyze, appraise, review
  • 2.1 we are going over our lines
    rehearse, practice, read through, run through
  • go through

  • 1.1 the terrible things she has gone through
    undergo, experience, face, suffer, be subjected to, live through, endure, brave, bear, tolerate, withstand, put up with, cope with, weather
  • 2.1 she went through hundreds of dollars
    spend, use up, run through, get through, expend, deplete, burn up; waste, squander, fritter away
  • 3.1 she went through Sue's bag
    search, look through, hunt through, rummage in/through, rifle through
  • 4.1 I have to go through the report
    examine, study, scrutinize, inspect, look over, scan, check; analyze, appraise, review
  • 5.1 the deal has gone through
    be completed, be concluded, be brought off; be approved, be signed, be rubber-stamped, be given the green light
  • go under

    another local restaurant has gone undergo bankruptbe shut (down)go into receivershipgo into liquidationbecome insolventbe liquidatedcease tradingfail informalgo brokego belly upfold

    go without

  • 1.1 I went without breakfast
    abstain from, refrain from, forgo, do without, deny oneself
  • 2.1 the children did not go without
    be deprived, be in want, go short, go hungry, be in need
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