Synonyms of great in English:



  • 1 they showed great interest
    considerable, substantial, significant, appreciable, special, serious; exceptional, extraordinary
    [Antonyms] little
  • 2 a great expanse of water
    large, big, extensive, expansive, broad, wide, sizable, ample; vast, immense, huge, enormous, massive
    [Antonyms] small
  • 3 you great fool!
  • 4 great writers
    prominent, eminent, important, distinguished, illustrious, celebrated, honored, acclaimed, admired, esteemed, revered, renowned, notable, famous, famed, well known; leading, top, major, principal, first-rate, matchless, peerless, star
    [Antonyms] minor
  • 5 the great navies in world history
    powerful, dominant, influential, strong, potent, formidable, redoubtable; leading, important, foremost, major, chief, principal
    [Antonyms] minor
  • 7 a great sportsman
    expert, skillful, skilled, adept, accomplished, talented, fine, masterly, master, brilliant, virtuoso, marvelous, outstanding, first-class, superb
    informal crack, ace, A1, class
    [Antonyms] poor
  • 8 a great fan of rugby
    [Antonyms] unenthusiastic
  • 9 we had a great time
    enjoyable, delightful, lovely, pleasant, congenial; exciting, thrilling; excellent, marvelous, wonderful, fine, splendid, very good
    [Antonyms] bad
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