Synonyms of ground in English:



  • 1 she collapsed on the ground
    floor, earth, terra firma; flooring
    informal deck
  • 2 the soggy ground
    earth, soil, dirt, clay, loam, turf, clod, sod; land, terrain
  • 3 (grounds) the mansion's grounds
    estate, lawn(s), yard(s), gardens, park, parkland, land, acres, property, surroundings, holding, territory
    archaic demesne
  • 4 (grounds) grounds for dismissal
    reason, cause, basis, base, foundation, justification, rationale, argument, premise, occasion, excuse, pretext, motive, motivation
  • 5 (grounds) coffee grounds
    sediment, precipitate, settlings, dregs, lees, deposit, residue
  • verb

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  • 1 the boat grounded on a sandbar
    run aground, run ashore, beach, land
  • 2 an assertion grounded on results of several studies
    base, found, establish, root, build, construct, form
  • 3 they were grounded in classics and history
    instruct, coach, teach, tutor, educate, school, train, drill, prime, prepare; familiarize with, acquaint with
  • Phrases

    hold one's ground

    he tried to dissuade me with his negative remarks, but I held my groundstand firmstand fastmake a standstick to one's gunsdig in one's heels

    gain ground

    we failed to gain ground in that last campaignadvanceprogressmake headwaycatch upclose in

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