Synonyms of guard in English:



  • 1 infantry guarded the barricaded bridge
    protect, stand guard over, watch over, keep an eye on; cover, patrol, police, defend, shield, safeguard, keep safe, secure
  • 2 the prisoners were guarded by armed men
    keep under surveillance, keep under guard, keep watch over, surveil, mind
  • 3 forest wardens must guard against poachers
    beware of, keep watch for, be alert to, keep an eye out for, be on the lookout for, be on the alert for
  • noun

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  • 1 border guards
    sentry, sentinel, security guard, watchman, night watchman; protector, defender, guardian; lookout, watch; garrison; border patrol
  • 2 her prison guard
    warden, warder, keeper; jailer
    informal screw
    archaic turnkey
  • 3 he let his guard slip and they escaped
    vigilance, vigil, watch, surveillance, watchfulness, caution, heed, attention, care, wariness
  • 4 a metal guard
    safety guard, safety device, protective device, shield, screen, fender; bumper, buffer
  • Phrases

    off (one's) guard

    the explosion from the furnace room caught everyone off guardunpreparedunreadyinattentiveunwarywith one's defenses downcoldunsuspecting informalnappingasleep at the wheel

    on one's guard

    homeowners should be on their guardvigilantalerton the alertwarywatchfulcautiouscarefulheedfulcharycircumspecton the lookouton the qui viveon one's toespreparedreadywide awakeattentiveobservantkeeping one's eyes peeled

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