Synonyms of guide in English:



  • 1 our guide took us back to the hotel
    escort, attendant, tour guide, docent, cicerone;
    usher, chaperone
    historical dragoman
  • 2 she is an inspiration and a guide
    adviser/advisor, mentor, counselor;
  • 3 the light acted as a guide for shipping
    pointer, marker, indicator, signpost, mark, landmark;
    guiding light, sign, signal, beacon
  • 4 the techniques outlined are meant as a guide
  • 5 a pocket guide to the Aleutians See guidebook
  • verb

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  • 1 he guided her to her seat
    lead, conduct, show, show the way, usher, shepherd, direct, steer, pilot, escort, accompany, attend;
    see, take, help, assist
  • 2 the chairperson must guide the meeting
    direct, steer, control, manage, command, lead, conduct, run, be in charge of, have control of, pilot, govern, preside over, superintend, supervise, oversee;
  • 3 he was always there to guide me
    advise, counsel, give advice to, direct, give direction to
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