Synonyms of hammer in English:



  • 1 a hammer and chisel
    mallet, beetle, gavel, sledgehammer, jackhammer
  • verb

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  • 1 the alloy is hammered into a circular shape
    beat, forge, shape, form, mold, fashion, make
  • 2 Sally hammered at the door
    batter, pummel, beat, bang, pound;
    strike, hit, knock on, thump on;
  • 3 they hammered away at their nonsmoking campaign
    work hard at, labor at, slog away at, plod away at, grind away at, slave away at, work like a dog on, put one's nose to the grindstone for;
    persist with, persevere with, press on with
    informal stick at, plug away at, work one's tail off on/for, soldier on with
  • 4 antiracism had been hammered into her
    drum into, instill in, inculcate into, knock into, drive into;
    drive home to, impress upon;
    ingrain into
  • 5 informal we've hammered them twice this season See trounce
  • Phrases

    hammer out

    the committee sat for three hours hammering out a new budget
    thrash out, work out, agree on, sort out, decide on, bring about, effect, produce, broker, negotiate, reach an agreement on

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