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Synonyms of hand in English:


  • 1 big, strong hands
    palm, fist
    informal paw, mitt, duke, hook, meathook
  • 2 the clock's second hand
    pointer, indicator, needle, arrow, marker
  • 3 (hands) the frontier posts remained in government hands
    control, power, charge, authority;
    command, responsibility, guardianship, management, care, supervision, jurisdiction;
    clutches, grasp, thrall;
    informal say-so
  • 4 let me give you a hand
    a good turn, a favor
  • 5 a document written in his own hand
  • 6 a ranch hand
    worker, workman, laborer, operative, hired hand, roustabout, peon;
  • verb

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  • 1 she handed each of us an envelope
    pass, give, let someone have;
    throw, toss;
    present to
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    manual relating to the hands


    at hand
    the time for courage is at hand
    imminent, approaching, coming, about to happen, on the horizon;
    big hand
    informal her fans gave her a big hand
    round of applause, clap, handclap, ovation, standing ovation;
    applause, handclapping
    close at hand
    keep the manual close at hand
    readily available, available, handy, to hand, within reach, accessible, close, close by, near, nearby, at the ready, at one's fingertips, at one's disposal, convenient
    informal get-at-able
    hand down
    this bracelet has been handed down for four generations
    pass on, pass down;
    bequeath, will, leave, make over, give, gift, transfer;
    Law  demise, devise
    hand in glove
    working hand in glove with their former adversaries
    in close collaboration, in close association, in close cooperation, very closely, in partnership, in league, in collusion
    informal in cahoots, in bed
    hand out
    volunteers were asked to hand out pamphlets
    distribute, give out, pass out/around, dole out, dish out, deal out, mete out, issue, dispense;
    allocate, allot, apportion, disburse;
    circulate, disseminate
    hand over
    they handed over the stolen goods to the authorities
    yield, give, give up, pass, grant, entrust, surrender, relinquish, cede, turn over, deliver up, forfeit, sacrifice
    hands down
    we won hands down
    easily, effortlessly, with ease, with no trouble, without effort
    informal by a mile, no sweat
    try one's hand at
    I regret that I never tried my hand at waterskiing
    have a go at, make an attempt at, have a shot at;
    attempt, try, try out, give something a try
    informal have a stab at, give something a whirl
    formal essay
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