Synonyms of hand in English:



  • 1 big, strong hands
    palm, fist
    informal paw, mitt, duke, hook, meathook
  • 2 the clock's second hand
    pointer, indicator, needle, arrow, marker
  • 3 (hands) the frontier posts remained in government hands
    control, power, charge, authority; command, responsibility, guardianship, management, care, supervision, jurisdiction; possession, keeping, custody; clutches, grasp, thrall; disposal
    informal say-so
  • 4 let me give you a hand
    help, a helping hand, assistance, aid, support, succor, relief; a good turn, a favor
  • 5 a document written in his own hand
  • 6 a ranch hand
    worker, workman, laborer, operative, hired hand, roustabout, peon; cowboy
  • verb

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  • 1 she handed each of us an envelope
    pass, give, let someone have; throw, toss; present to
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    at hand

    the time for courage is at handimminentapproachingcomingabout to happenon the horizonimpending

    big hand

    informal her fans gave her a big handround of applauseclaphandclapovationstanding ovationapplausehandclapping

    close at hand

    keep the manual close at handreadily availableavailablehandyto handwithin reachaccessiblecloseclose bynearnearbyat the readyat one's fingertipsat one's disposalconvenient informalget-at-able

    hand down

    this bracelet has been handed down for four generationspass onpass downbequeathwillleavemake overgivegifttransfer Lawdemisedevise

    hand in glove

    working hand in glove with their former adversariesin close collaborationin close associationin close cooperationvery closelyin partnershipin leaguein collusion informalin cahootsin bed

    hand out

    volunteers were asked to hand out pamphletsdistributegive outpass out/arounddole outdish outdeal outmete outissuedispenseallocateallotapportiondisbursecirculatedisseminate

    hand over

    they handed over the stolen goods to the authoritiesyieldgivegive uppassgrantentrustsurrenderrelinquishcedeturn overdeliver upforfeitsacrifice

    hands down

    we won hands downeasilyeffortlesslywith easewith no troublewithout effort informalby a mileno sweat

    try one's hand at

    I regret that I never tried my hand at waterskiinghave a go atmake an attempt athave a shot atattempttrytry outgive something a try informalhave a stab atgive something a whirl formalessay

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