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Synonyms of hard in English:


  • 1 hard ground
    firm, solid, rigid, stiff, resistant, unbreakable, inflexible, impenetrable, unyielding, solidified, hardened, compact, compacted, dense, close-packed, compressed;
    steely, tough, strong, stony, rocklike, flinty, as hard as stone;
    literary adamantine
    [Antonyms] soft
  • 2 hard physical work
    [Antonyms] easy
  • 3 hard workers
    diligent, hard-working, industrious, sedulous, assiduous, conscientious, energetic, keen, enthusiastic, zealous, earnest, persevering, persistent, unflagging, untiring, indefatigable;
    [Antonyms] lazy
  • 4 a hard problem
    difficult, puzzling, perplexing, baffling, bewildering, mystifying, knotty, thorny, problematic, complicated, complex, intricate, involved;
    insoluble, unfathomable, impenetrable, incomprehensible, unanswerable
    [Antonyms] simple
  • 5 times are hard
    harsh, grim, difficult, bad, bleak, dire, tough, austere, unpleasant, uncomfortable, straitened, spartan;
    dark, distressing, painful, awful
    [Antonyms] comfortable
  • 6 a hard taskmaster
    strict, harsh, firm, severe, stern, tough, rigorous, demanding, exacting;
    callous, unkind, unsympathetic, cold, heartless, hard-hearted, unfeeling;
    intransigent, unbending, uncompromising, inflexible, implacable, stubborn, obdurate, unyielding, unrelenting, unsparing, grim, ruthless, merciless, pitiless, cruel;
    standing no nonsense, ruling with a rod of iron
    [Antonyms] kind, easygoing
  • 7 a hard winter
    bitterly cold, cold, bitter, harsh, severe, bleak, freezing, icy, icy-cold, arctic
    [Antonyms] mild
  • 8 a hard blow
    forceful, heavy, strong, sharp, smart, violent, powerful, vigorous, mighty, hefty, tremendous
    [Antonyms] light, gentle
  • 9 hard facts
    reliable, definite, true, confirmed, substantiated, undeniable, indisputable, unquestionable, verifiable
    [Antonyms] unverified, questionable
  • 10 hard cider
    [Antonyms] nonalcoholic
  • 11 hard drugs
    addictive, habit-forming;
    strong, harmful
  • adverb

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  • 1 George pushed the door hard
    forcefully, forcibly, roughly, powerfully, strongly, heavily, sharply, vigorously, energetically, with all one's might, with might and main
    [Antonyms] gently
  • 2 they worked hard
    informal like mad, like crazy
  • 3 this prosperity has been hard won
    with difficulty, with effort, after a struggle, painfully, laboriously
    [Antonyms] easily
  • 4 her death hit him hard
    severely, badly, acutely, deeply, keenly, seriously, profoundly, gravely
    formal grievously
    [Antonyms] slightly
  • 5 it was raining hard
    heavily, strongly, in torrents, in sheets;
    informal cats and dogs, buckets
    [Antonyms] lightly
  • 6 my mother looked hard at me
    closely, attentively, intently, critically, carefully, keenly, searchingly, earnestly, sharply
    [Antonyms] casually
  • Phrases

    hard and fast
    get used to it—the curfew here is hard and fast
    definite, fixed, set, strict, rigid, binding, clear-cut, cast-iron, ironclad;
    hard by
    close to, right by, beside, near (to), nearby, not far from, a stone's throw from, on the doorstep of
    informal within spitting distance of, ‘a hop, skip, and jump away from’
    hard feelings
    I had no idea that our separation had left him with such hard feelings
    hard up
    informal this administration ignores the families that are hard up
    poor, short of money, badly off, impoverished, impecunious, in reduced circumstances, unable to make ends meet;
    informal broke, strapped for cash, strapped
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