Synonyms of head in English:



  • 1 she scratched her head thoughtfully
    skull, cranium, crown
    informal nut, noodle, noggin, dome
  • 2 he had to use his head
    brain(s), brainpower, intellect, intelligence; wit(s), wisdom, mind, sense, reasoning, common sense
    informal savvy, gray matter, smarts
  • 3 she had a good head for business
    aptitude, faculty, talent, gift, capacity, ability; mind, brain
  • 4 the head of the church
    leader, chief, controller, governor, superintendent, commander, captain; director, manager; principal, president, premier; chieftain, headman, sachem; CEO
    informal boss, bossman, kingpin, top dog, Mr. Big, skipper, ringleader, numero uno, head honcho, big kahuna
  • 5 the head of the line
    front, beginning, start, fore, forefront; top
  • 6 the head of the river
  • 7 beer with a head
    froth, foam, bubbles, spume, fizz, effervescence; suds
  • adjective

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  • 1 the head waiter
    chief, principal, leading, main, first, foremost, prime, premier, senior, top, highest, supreme, superior, top-ranking, ranking
    [Antonyms] subordinate
  • verb

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  • 1 the procession was headed by the mayor
    lead, be at the front of; be first, lead the way
  • 2 Dr. Jones heads a research team
  • 3 she was heading for the exit
    move toward, make for, aim for, go in the direction of, be bound for, make a beeline for; set out for, start out for
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    cephalic relating to the head


    at the head of

    Stasha will now be at the head of the departmentin charge ofcontrollingcommandingleadingmanagingrunningdirectingsupervisingoverseeingat the wheel ofat the helm of

    come to a head

    the violence came to a head after two civilians were killedreach a crisiscome to a climaxreach a critical pointreach a crossroads

    go to someone's head

  • 1.1 the wine has gone to my head
    intoxicate someone, befuddle someone, make someone drunk
    informal make someone woozy
    formal inebriate someone
  • 2.1 her victory went to her head
    make someone conceited, make someone full of themselves, turn someone's head, puff someone up
  • head off

  • 1.1 he went to head off the cars
    intercept, divert, deflect, redirect, reroute, draw away, turn away
  • 2.1 they headed off a confrontation
    forestall, avert, ward off, fend off, stave off, hold off, nip in the bud, keep at bay; prevent, avoid, stop
  • keep one's head

    Richie kept his head throughout the confrontationkeep/stay calmkeep one's self-controlmaintain one's composure informalkeep one's coolkeep one's shirt onkeep it togethercool one's jets

    lose one's head

    you cannot lose your head in the courtroomlose controllose one's composurelose one's equilibriumgo to piecespanicget flusteredget confusedget hysterical informallose one's coolfreak outcrack up

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