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Synonyms of heaven in English:


  • 1 the good will have a place in heaven
    paradise, nirvana, Zion;
    the hereafter, the next world, the next life, Elysium, the Elysian Fields, Valhalla
    literary the empyrean
    [Antonyms] hell, purgatory
  • 2 a good book is my idea of heaven
    bliss, ecstasy, rapture, contentment, happiness, delight, joy, seventh heaven;
    paradise, Utopia, nirvana
    [Antonyms] misery
  • 3 (the heavens) he observed the heavens
    the sky, the skies, the upper atmosphere, the stratosphere, space
    literary the firmament, the vault of heaven, the blue, the (wild/wide) blue yonder, the welkin, the empyrean, the azure, the upper regions, the sphere, the celestial sphere
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    celestial relating to heaven


    in seventh heaven
    we're all in seventh heaven with this new swimming pool
    ecstatic, euphoric, thrilled, elated, delighted, overjoyed, on cloud nine, walking on air, jubilant, rapturous, jumping for joy, transported, delirious, blissful
    informal over the moon, on top of the world, on a high, tickled pink, as happy as a clam
    move heaven and earth
    I'm going to get this promotion, even if I have to move heaven and earth to do it
    try one's hardest, do one's best, do one's utmost, do all one can, give one's all, spare no effort, put oneself out;
    strive, exert oneself, work hard
    informal bend over backwards, do one's damnedest, pull out all the stops, go all out, bust a gut
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