Synonyms of hit in English:



  • 1 she hit her child
    strike, slap, smack, spank, cuff, punch, thump, swat; beat, thrash, batter, pound, pummel, box someone's ears; whip, flog, cane
    informal whack, wallop, bash, bop, clout, clip, clobber, sock, swipe, crown, beat the living daylights out of, knock someone around, belt, tan, lay into, let someone have it, deck, floor, slug
    literary smite
  • 2 a car hit the barrier
    crash into, run into, smash into, smack into, knock into, bump into, plow into, collide with, meet head-on, impact
  • 3 informal spending will hit $180 million
    reach, touch, arrive at, rise to, climb to
  • 4 it hit me that I had forgotten
    occur to, strike, dawn on, come to; enter one's head, cross one's mind, come to mind, spring to one's mind
  • noun

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  • 1 he received a hit from behind
    blow, thump, punch, knock, bang, cuff, slap, smack, spank, tap, crack, stroke, welt, karate chop; impact, collision, bump, crash
    informal whack, thwack, wallop, bash, belt, clout, sock, swipe, clip, slug
  • 2 he directed many big hits
    success, box-office success, sellout, winner, triumph, sensation; bestseller
    informal smash, smash hit, megahit, knockout, crowd-pleaser, chart-topper, chart-buster, wow, biggie, number one
    [Antonyms] failure
  • Phrases

    hit back

    if you're gonna come after me with lies and innuendo, I'm gonna hit backretaliaterespondreplyreactcounterdefend oneself

    hit hard

    the tragedy hit her harddevastateaffect badlyhurtharmleave a mark onupsetshattercrushshockoverwhelmtraumatize

    hit home

    the documentary on teen suicide painfully hit homehave the intended effectstrike homehit the markregisterbe understoodget throughsink in

    hit it off

    informal Mark and Mika hit it off almost immediatelyget on wellget alongget onbe friendsbe friendlybe compatiblebe well matchedfeel a rapportsee eye to eyetake to each otherwarm to each other informalclickget on like a house on firebe on the same wavelength

    hit on/upon

  • 1.1 he hit on the truth Cagney hit upon a great idea for the finale
    discover, come up with, think of, conceive of, dream up, work out, invent, create, devise, design, pioneer; uncover, stumble on, happen upon, chance on, light on, come upon
  • 2.1 he tried to hit on me
    flirt with, show interest in, make eyes at, come on to, make advances to/toward
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