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Synonyms of hold in English:


  • 1 she held a suitcase
    clasp, clutch, grasp, grip, clench, cling to, hold on to;
    carry, bear
    [Antonyms] release, let go of
  • 2 I wanted to hold her
    embrace, hug, clasp, cradle, enfold, squeeze, fold in one's arms, cling to
  • 3 do you hold a degree?
    possess, have, own, bear, carry, have to one's name
  • 4 the branch held my weight
    support, bear, carry, take, keep up, sustain, prop up, shore up
  • 5 the police were holding him
    detain, hold in custody, imprison, lock up, put behind bars, put in prison, put in jail, incarcerate, keep under lock and key, confine, constrain, intern, impound
    informalput away
    [Antonyms] release, let go
  • 6 try to hold the audience's attention
    maintain, keep, occupy, engross, absorb, interest, captivate, fascinate, enthrall, rivet, mesmerize, transfix;
    engage, catch, capture, arrest
    [Antonyms] lose
  • 7 he held a senior post
    occupy, have, fill
    informalhold down
  • 8 the tank holds 250 gallons
    take, contain, accommodate, fit;
    have a capacity of, have room for
  • 9 the court held that there was no evidence
    maintain, consider, take the view, believe, think, feel, deem, be of the opinion;
    judge, rule, decide
    formalopine, esteem
  • 10 let's hope the good weather holds
    persist, continue, carry on, go on, hold out, keep up, last, endure, stay, remain
    [Antonyms] end
  • 11 the offer still holds
    be available, be valid, hold good, stand, apply, remain, exist, be the case, be in force, be in effect
  • 12 they held a meeting
    conduct, have, organize, run
    [Antonyms] disband
  • 13 hold your fire
    stop, halt, restrain, check, cease, discontinue
    informalbreak off, give up
    hold back, suppress, repress, refrain from using, stifle, withhold
    [Antonyms] resume
  • noun

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  • 1 she kept a hold on my hand
    grip, grasp, clasp, clutch
  • 2 Tom had a hold over his father
  • 3 the military tightened their hold on the capital
    control, grip, power, stranglehold, chokehold, dominion, authority
  • Quote

    You can’t hold a man down without staying down with him.
    Booker T. Washington, American educator


    get hold of

    informal I'll try to get hold of Stevenson this evening
    contact, get in touch with, communicate with, make contact with, reach, notify;
    phone, call, speak to, talk to

    hold back

  • 1.1 if you feel like singing, don't hold back
    hesitate, pause, stop oneself, restrain oneself, desist, forbear
  • 2.1 Jane held back her tears
    suppress, fight back, choke back, stifle, smother, subdue, rein in, repress, curb, control, keep a tight rein on
    informalkeep a lid on
  • 3.1 don't hold anything back from me
    withhold, hide, conceal, keep secret, keep hidden, keep quiet about, keep to oneself, hush up
    informalsit on, keep under one's hat
  • 4.1 you'll never make it in music if you keep letting your parents hold you back
    hinder, hamper, impede, obstruct, inhibit, hobble, check, curb, block, thwart, balk, hamstring, restrain, frustrate, stand in someone's way
  • hold dear

    she holds this house dear
    cherish, treasure, prize, appreciate, adore, value highly, care for/about
    informalput on a pedestal

    hold down

  • 1.1 they will hold down inflation
    keep down, keep low, freeze, fix
  • 2.1 informal she held down two jobs
    occupy, have, do, fill
  • 3.1 the people can be held down only so long
    oppress, repress, suppress, subdue, subjugate, keep down, keep under, tyrannize, dominate
  • hold forth

    he was holding forth on the qualities of good wine
    speak at length, talk at length, go on, sound off;
    declaim, spout, pontificate, orate, preach, sermonize
    informalspeechify, drone on, bloviate

    hold off

  • 1.1 the rain held off
    stay away, keep off, not come, delay
  • 2.1 we held off the swarms of ants as long as we could
    resist, repel, repulse, rebuff, parry, deflect, fend off, stave off, ward off, keep at bay
  • hold on

  • 1.1 hold on, I'll be right there
    wait, wait a minute, just a moment, just a second;
    stay here, stay put;
    informaljust a sec, hang on, sit tight, hold your horses
  • 2.1 if only they could hold on just a little longer
    keep going, persevere, survive, last, continue, struggle on, carry on, go on, hold out, see it through, stay the course
    informalsoldier on, stick it out, hang in there
  • hold on to

  • 1.1 he held on to the chair
  • 2.1 they can't hold on to their staff
  • hold one's own

    See own

    hold out

  • 1.1 the small band of weary soldiers held out until reinforcements arrived
    persist, last, remain;
    persevere, continue
  • 2.1 Celia held out her hands
    extend, proffer, offer, present;
    outstretch, reach out, stretch out, put out
  • hold over

    the family gathering was held over until late January
    postpone, put off, put back, delay, defer, suspend, shelve, put over, table, take a rain check on
    informalput on ice, put on the back burner, put in cold storage, mothball

    hold up

  • 1.1 the argument doesn't hold up
    be convincing, be logical, hold water, bear examination, be sound
  • 2.1 they held up the trophy
    display, hold aloft, exhibit, show (off), flourish, brandish
  • 3.1 concrete pillars hold up the bridge
    support, bear, carry, take, keep up, prop up, shore up, buttress
  • 4.1 our flight was held up for hours
    delay, detain, make late, set back, keep back, retard, slow up
  • 5.1 a lack of cash has held up progress
  • 6.1 two gunmen held up the bank
    informalstick up
  • hold water

    See water

    with no holds barred

    you can tell us everything that happened, with no holds barred
    informalpoint-blank, without mincing one's words

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