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Synonyms of hole in English:


  • 1 a hole in the roof
    crack, leak, rift, rupture;
    puncture, perforation, cut, split, gash, slit, rent, tear, crevice, fissure
  • 2 a hole in the ground
    pit, ditch, trench, cavity, crater, depression, indentation, hollow;
    well, borehole, excavation, dugout;
    cave, cavern, pothole
  • 3 the gopher's hole
    burrow, lair, den, earth, set;
    retreat, shelter
  • 4 there are holes in their argument
    flaw, fault, defect, weakness, shortcoming, inconsistency, discrepancy, loophole;
    error, mistake
  • 5 informal I was living in a real hole
    hovel, slum, shack
    informal dump, dive, pigsty, hole in the wall, rathole, sty
  • 6 informal she has dug herself into a hole
    predicament, difficult situation, awkward situation, corner, tight corner, quandary, dilemma;
    crisis, emergency, difficulty, trouble, plight, dire straits, imbroglio
    informal fix, jam, mess, bind, scrape, spot, tight spot, pickle, sticky situation, can of worms, hot water
  • Phrases

    hole up
  • 1.1 the bears hole up in winter
    hibernate, lie dormant
  • 2.1 informal the snipers holed up in a farmhouse
    hide (out), conceal oneself, secrete oneself, shelter, take cover, lie low
  • poke holes in
    informal it was pretty easy to poke holes in his theories
    find fault with, pick apart, deconstruct, query, quibble with;
    deflate, puncture
    in the hole
    the diner was in the hole within six months after his sons took over
    in debt, in arrears, in deficit, overdrawn, behind
    informal in the red
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