Synonyms of hole in English:



  • 1 a hole in the roof
    opening, aperture, gap, space, orifice, vent, chink, breach, break; crack, leak, rift, rupture; puncture, perforation, cut, split, gash, slit, rent, tear, crevice, fissure
  • 2 a hole in the ground
    pit, ditch, trench, cavity, crater, depression, indentation, hollow; well, borehole, excavation, dugout; cave, cavern, pothole
  • 3 the gopher's hole
    burrow, lair, den, earth, set; retreat, shelter
  • 4 there are holes in their argument
    flaw, fault, defect, weakness, shortcoming, inconsistency, discrepancy, loophole; error, mistake
  • 5 informal I was living in a real hole
    hovel, slum, shack
    informal dump, dive, pigsty, hole in the wall, rathole, sty
  • 6 informal she has dug herself into a hole
    predicament, difficult situation, awkward situation, corner, tight corner, quandary, dilemma; crisis, emergency, difficulty, trouble, plight, dire straits, imbroglio
    informal fix, jam, mess, bind, scrape, spot, tight spot, pickle, sticky situation, can of worms, hot water
  • Phrases

    hole up

  • 1.1 the bears hole up in winter
    hibernate, lie dormant
  • 2.1 informal the snipers holed up in a farmhouse
    hide (out), conceal oneself, secrete oneself, shelter, take cover, lie low
  • poke holes in

    informal it was pretty easy to poke holes in his theoriesfind fault withpick apartdeconstructqueryquibble withdeflatepuncture

    in the hole

    the diner was in the hole within six months after his sons took overin debtin arrearsin deficitoverdrawnbehind informalin the red

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