Synonyms of hollow in English:



  • 1 each fiber has a hollow core
    empty, void, unfilled, vacant
    [Antonyms] solid
  • 2 hollow cheeks
    sunken, gaunt, deep-set, concave, depressed, indented
    rare incurvate
  • 3 a hollow sound
    dull, low, flat, toneless, expressionless;
    muffled, muted
  • 4 a hollow victory
    [Antonyms] worthwhile
  • 5 a hollow promise
    insincere, hypocritical, feigned, false, sham, deceitful, cynical, spurious, untrue, two-faced
    informal phony, pretend
    [Antonyms] sincere
  • noun

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  • 1 a hollow under the tree
    hole, pit, cavity, crater, trough, bowl, cave, cavern;
    niche, nook, cranny, recess
  • 2 the village lay in a hollow
    valley, vale, dale, basin, glen
    literary dell
  • verb

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  • 1 a tunnel hollowed out of a mountain
    gouge, scoop, dig, shovel, cut;
    excavate, channel
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