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  • 2 an Italian stonemason far from his home See homeland


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  • 1 the home market
    domestic, internal, local, national, interior
    the home market
    [Antonyms] foreign international
  • 2 home movies the sale of home produce
    homemade, homegrown, family


at home

  • 1.1 I was at home all day
    in, in one's house, present, available, indoors, inside, here
  • 2.1 she felt very much at home
    at ease, comfortable, relaxed, content; in one's element, on one's own turf
  • 3.1 he is at home with mathematics
    confident with, conversant with, proficient in; used to, familiar with, au fait with, au courant with, skilled in, experienced in, well versed in

bring home to someone

Sylvia's overdose brought home to them the fragility of their own lives make someone realizemake someone understandmake someone awaremake clear to someonedrive home to someoneimpress upon someonedraw attention tofocus attention onunderlinehighlightspotlightemphasizestress informalclue someone in to

hit home

See hit home at hit

home free

when the inspector at the third checkpoint nodded at Mitchell, I knew we were home free I passed the final flag with so much stamina that I knew I was home free safesecureout of dangeroff the hookassured of successthe winnervictorious informalgolden

home in on

the reporters immediately wanted to home in on his broken engagement focus onconcentrate onzero in oncenter onfix onhighlightspotlighttargetunderlinepinpointtrackzoom in on

nothing to write home about

informal the amusement park was enjoyable enough, but nothing to write home about unexceptionalmediocreordinarycommonplaceindifferentaveragemiddle-of-the-roadrun-of-the-millgarden varietyboringmundanehumdrumho-humtolerablepassableadequatefair informalOKso-so'comme ci, comme ça'plain-vanillano great shakesnot so hot

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