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Synonyms of honor in English:


  • 1 a man of honor
    integrity, honesty, uprightness, ethics, morals, morality, principles, high principles, righteousness, high-mindedness;
    virtue, goodness, decency, probity, character, good character, scrupulousness, worth, fairness, justness, trustworthiness, reliability, dependability
    [Antonyms] unscrupulousness, dishonor
  • 2 a mark of honor
    distinction, recognition, privilege, glory, kudos, cachet, prestige, merit, credit;
    respect, esteem, approbation
    [Antonyms] disgrace
  • 3 our honor is at stake
    reputation, name, good name, good credit, character, esteem, repute, image, standing, stature, status, popularity
  • 4 he was welcomed with honor
    homage, praise, veneration, glory, reverence, adulation, exaltation
    dated laud
    [Antonyms] contempt
  • 5 she had the honor of meeting the First Lady
    privilege, pleasure, pride, joy;
    compliment, favor, distinction
    [Antonyms] shame
  • 6 military honors
    accolade, award, reward, prize, decoration, distinction, medal, ribbon, star, laurel
  • 7 dated she died defending her honor
  • verb

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  • 1 we should honor our parents
    appreciate, value, cherish, adore;
    [Antonyms] disrespect
  • 2 they were honored at a special ceremony
    applaud, acclaim, praise, salute, recognize, celebrate, commemorate, commend, hail, lionize, exalt, eulogize, pay homage to, pay tribute to, sing the praises of
    formal laud
    [Antonyms] disgrace, criticize
  • 3 he honored the contract
    fulfill, observe, keep, obey, heed, follow, carry out, discharge, implement, execute, effect;
    keep to, abide by, adhere to, comply with, conform to, be true to, live up to
    [Antonyms] disobey
  • Choose the right word

    honor, deference, homage, obeisance, reverence
    The biblical Ten Commandments include the instruction “honor thy father and mother.” But what does honor entail? While all of these nouns describe the respect or esteem that one shows to another, honor implies acknowledgment of a person's right to such respect ( honor one's ancestors; honor the dead). Homage is honor with praise or tributes added, and it connotes a more worshipful attitude ( pay homage to the king). Reverence combines profound respect with love or devotion ( he treated his wife with reverence), while deference suggests courteous regard for a superior, often by yielding to the person's status or wishes ( show deference to one's elders). Obeisance is a show of honor or reverence by an act or gesture of submission or humility, such as a bow or a curtsy ( the schoolchildren were instructed to pay obeisance when the Queen arrived).
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