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Synonyms of hostile in English:


  • 1 a hostile attack
    [Antonyms] friendly, mild
  • 2 hostile conditions
    unfavorable, adverse, bad, harsh, grim, hard, tough, brutal, fierce, inhospitable, forbidding, menacing, threatening
    [Antonyms] favorable
  • 3 they are hostile to the idea
    opposed to, averse to, antagonistic to, ill-disposed to, disapproving of, unsympathetic to, antipathetic to;
    opposing, against, inimical to
    informal anti, down on
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    hostile, adverse, bellicose, belligerent, inimical
    Few people have trouble recognizing hostility when confronted with it. Someone who is hostile displays an attitude of intense ill will and acts like an enemy ( the audience grew hostile after waiting an hour for the show to start). Both bellicose and belligerent imply a readiness or eagerness to fight, but the former is used to describe a state of mind or temper ( after drinking all night, he was in a bellicose mood), while the latter is normally used to describe someone who is actively engaged in hostilities ( the belligerent brothers were at it again). While hostile and belligerent usually apply to people, adverse and inimical are used to describe tendencies or influences. Inimical means having an antagonistic tendency ( remarks that were inimical to everything she believed in), and adverse means turned toward something in opposition ( an adverse wind; under adverse circumstances). Unlike hostile, adverse and inimical need not connote the involvement of human feeling.
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