Synonyms of hot in English:



  • 1 hot food
    heated, piping hot, sizzling, steaming, roasting, boiling (hot), searing, scorching, scalding, burning, red-hot
    [Antonyms] cold, chilled
  • 2 a hot day
    sweltering, torrid, sultry, humid, muggy, close, boiling, baking, roasting
    [Antonyms] cold, chilly
  • 3 she felt very hot
    burning, flushed, sweaty
    rare pyretic
  • 4 a hot chili
    spicy, spiced, highly seasoned, peppery, fiery, strong;
    piquant, pungent, aromatic, zesty
    [Antonyms] mild
  • 5 hot competition
    fierce, intense, keen, competitive, cutthroat, dog-eat-dog, ruthless, aggressive, strong
    [Antonyms] weak
  • 6 informal hot gossip
    new, fresh, recent, late, up to date, up-to-the-minute;
    just out, hot off the press(es), real-time
    [Antonyms] old, stale
  • 7 informal this band is hot
    popular, in demand, sought-after, in favor;
    fashionable, in vogue, all the rage
    informal big, in, now, hip, trendy, cool, styling/stylin'
    [Antonyms] out of fashion, unpopular
  • 8 she thought Mark was hot
    [Antonyms] unappealing
  • 9 hot goods
    stolen, illegally obtained, purloined, pilfered, illegal, illicit, unlawful;
    smuggled, fenced, bootleg, contraband
    [Antonyms] lawful
  • 10 her dancing made him hot
    aroused, sexually aroused, excited, stimulated, titillated, inflamed
    informal turned on, hot to trot
    [Antonyms] frigid
  • Phrases

    blow hot and cold

    when it comes to her romantic interest in him, she blows hot and cold
    vacillate, dither, shilly-shally, waver, be indecisive, change one's mind, be undecided, be uncertain, be unsure, hem and haw

    hot and heavy

    isn't it a bit too soon for them to be so hot and heavy with each other?
    intense, ardent, passionate, fervid

    have the hots for

    Liza admits that she has the hots for Ryan
    be (sexually) attracted to, desire, lust after
    informal have a crush on, have a thing for, be crazy about

    hot on the heels/trail of

    the marketing mavens are hot on the heels of this latest craze
    close behind, directly after, right after, straight after, hard on the heels of, following closely

    hot under the collar

    informal See angry (sense 1)

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