Synonyms of hungry in English:



  • 1 I was really hungry
    ravenous, empty, in need of food, hollow, faint from/with hunger;
    starving, starved, famished;
    informal peckish, able to eat a horse
    archaic esurient
    [Antonyms] full
  • 2 they are hungry for success
    eager, keen, avid, longing, yearning, aching, pining, greedy, covetous;
    craving, hankering
    informal itching, dying, hot
    [Antonyms] indifferent
  • Reflections


    Monty Python once composed a skit (“The Cheese Shop”) in which John Cleese used both peckish and esurient in saying why he wanted to buy “cheesy comestibles”—which shows how a thesaurus can be used in portraying a hopelessly pedantic character in comedy. For an audience that is yearning for recherché vocables, a good thesaurus is nonpareil.
    Bryan A. Garner

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