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Synonyms of ill in English:


  • 1 she was feeling rather ill
    unwell, sick, not (very) well, ailing, poorly, sickly, peaked, indisposed, infirm;
    bedridden, valetudinarian;
    queasy, nauseous, nauseated
    [Antonyms] well, healthy
  • 2 the ill effects of smoking
    unhealthy, unwholesome, poisonous, noxious
    literary malefic, maleficent
    [Antonyms] good, beneficial
  • 3 ill feelings had divided them for years
    hostile, antagonistic, acrimonious, inimical, antipathetic;
    unfriendly, unsympathetic, unkind;
    resentful, spiteful, malicious, vindictive, malevolent, bitter
    [Antonyms] friendly, warm
  • 4 an ill omen
    [Antonyms] auspicious
  • 5 ill manners
    [Antonyms] good, polite
  • 6 the ill management of the front office
    bad, poor, incompetent, unsatisfactory, inadequate, inexpert, deficient
    [Antonyms] good, competent
  • noun

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  • 1 (ills) the ills of society
    problems, troubles, evils, difficulties, misfortunes, trials, tribulations;
    worries, anxieties, concerns
    informal headaches, hassles
    archaic travails
  • 2 he wished them no ill
    harm, hurt, injury, damage, pain, trouble, misfortune, suffering, distress
  • adverb

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  • 1 such behavior ill becomes a chief executive
    poorly, badly, imperfectly
    [Antonyms] well
  • 2 the look on her face boded ill for her opponents
    [Antonyms] well, auspiciously
  • 3 he can ill afford the loss of income
    barely, scarcely, hardly, only just, (only) with difficulty, just possibly
    [Antonyms] easily
  • 4 we are ill prepared for another flood
    [Antonyms] well, satisfactorily
  • Phrases

    ill at ease
    Ritchie was cautioned not to appear ill at ease in the courtroom
    awkward, uneasy, uncomfortable, embarrassed, self-conscious, out of place, inhibited, gauche;
    informal twitchy, jittery, discombobulated, antsy
    speak ill of
    we never heard him once speak ill of his ex-wife
    denigrate, disparage, criticize, be critical of, speak badly of, be malicious about, blacken the name of, run down, insult, abuse, attack, revile, malign, vilify, slur
    informal badmouth, dis, bitch about, talk smack, slag
    formal derogate
    rare asperse
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