Synonyms of indulgence in English:



  • 1 the indulgence of all his desires
    satisfaction, gratification, fulfillment, satiation, appeasement;
    slaking, quenching
    [Antonyms] denial, withholding
  • 2 excessive indulgence contributed to his ill health
    self-gratification, self-indulgence, overindulgence, intemperance, immoderation, excess, excessiveness, lack of restraint, extravagance, decadence
    [Antonyms] moderation, restraint
  • 3 they viewed vacations as an indulgence
    [Antonyms] necessity
  • 4 his mother's indulgence made him ungovernable
    pampering, coddling, mollycoddling, spoiling, cosseting, babying
    informal pity party
    [Antonyms] strictness
  • 5 I ask for your indulgence
    tolerance, forbearance, understanding, kindness, compassion, sympathy, forgiveness, leniency, mercy, clemency, liberality
    [Antonyms] severity, harshness
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