Synonyms of inflated in English:



  • 1 an inflated balloon
    blown-up, aerated, filled, puffed up/out, pumped up;
    distended, expanded, engorged, swollen
  • 2 inflated prices
    high, sky-high, excessive, unreasonable, prohibitive, outrageous, exorbitant, extortionate
    informal steep, stiff, pricey
  • 3 an inflated opinion of himself
    exaggerated, magnified, aggrandized, immoderate, overblown, overstated
  • 4 inflated language
    high-flown, extravagant, exaggerated, elaborate, flowery, ornate, overblown, overwrought, grandiloquent, magniloquent, lofty, grandiose;
    informal windy, highfalutin
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