Synonyms of initiate in English:



  • 1 the government initiated the scheme
    begin, start (off), commence; institute, inaugurate, launch, instigate, establish, set up, start the ball rolling on; originate, pioneer
    informal kick off, spark
    [Antonyms] finish
  • 2 he was initiated into a cult
    admit, induct, install, incorporate, enlist, enroll, recruit, sign up, swear in; ordain, invest
    [Antonyms] expel
  • 3 she was initiated into the business of publishing
    teach about, instruct in, tutor in, school in, prime in, ground in; familiarize with, acquaint with; indoctrinate
    informal show someone the ropes in/within
  • noun

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  • 1 the initiates were put through the customary opening-day paces
    novice, starter, beginner, newcomer; student, pupil, learner, trainee, apprentice; recruit, new recruit, raw recruit, tyro, neophyte; postulant, novitiate
    informal rookie, newbie, new kid (on the block), greenhorn
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