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  • 1 I intend to lease a car what does Mark intend to do about the broken gate?
    plan, mean, have in mind, have the intention, aim, propose; aspire, hope, expect, be resolved, be determined; want, wish; contemplate, think of, envisage, envision; design, earmark, designate, set aside
    formal purpose

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intend, aim, design, mean, plan, propose, purpose
If you intend to do something, you may or may not be serious about getting it done ( I intend to clean out the garage some day ), but at least you have a goal in mind. Although mean can also imply either a firm resolve ( I mean to go, with or without her permission ) or a vague intention ( I've been meaning to write her for weeks ), it is a less formal word that usually connotes a certain lack of determination or a weak resolve. Plan, like mean and intend, may imply a vague goal ( I plan to tour China some day ), but it is often used to suggest that you're taking active steps ( I plan to leave as soon as I finish packing ). Aim indicates that you have an actual goal or purpose in mind and that you're putting some effort behind it ( she had aimed to become a psychiatrist ), without the hint of failure conveyed by mean. If you propose to do something, you declare your intention ahead of time ( I propose that we set up a meeting next week ), and if you purpose to do it, you are even more determined to achieve your goal ( I purpose to write a three-volume history of baseball in America ). Design suggests forethought in devising a plan ( design a strategy that will keep everyone happy ).

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